Automated Side Loaders

The Curbtender was the first commercially produced automated side loader in the waste industry, having been introduced in the 1970s. Today, Curbtender Inc continues the heritage and innovation of its namesake with three distinct ASL models.


Curbtender, PowerPak, Automated Side LoaderPowerPak
High compaction ASL with 2,000 lb
Arm Lift Capacity, Tip-to-Dump or Full Ejection,
5 Year Premier Standard Warranty

Curbtender, HammerPak, Automated Side LoaderHammerPak
Lightweight ASL with 12′ Extended
Reach Arm, Tip-to-Dump Djection,
Patented “Hammer” Packing Mechanism

AutoCat, Curbtender, PowerArm, Side LoaderAutoCat
Small to Medium Sized ASL with
Single Chamber or Split Body